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Wondering what fun things to do that combine both Christmas and Chinese culture together? Make your own advent calendar with your little one this holiday. It's all FREE! We've put together this colourful printout to give you creative ideas that you can do at home all while harnessing your child's bilingual superpowers!


  • You need:

    Card, scissors, glue, ruler, sharp knife to score lines (ask a parent to assist).

    How to:

    - Download and print the artwork onto card or paper.

    -Ask your child to fill in the missing numbers on the advent calendar.

    -Using a ruler and a knife, score down the dotted lines.

    -Use scissors to cut down the dotted lines. You should have created a door-like flap.

    -Once all flaps have been carefully cut open. Place page 2 behind the doors. Make sure the flaps and picures behind are aligned. 

    -stick the two pages together.

    -You have your bilingual advent calendar! Enjoy opening the flaps each day to discover what cultural activities you and your family can do together over the holidays!


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