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Kids anticipate upcoming words, making new words stick more.

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Brings back childhood memories, creating special moments between parent and child.

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Takes kids to a fantasy world, widening skills to visualize new cultures.

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Unconscious Learning

Creates a fun space to learn. "Finger-play" and body movements are used while singing.

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Singing in exaggerated ways make kids aware of the five tones in Mandarin.

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Acting out rhymes boost child's self-confidence to speak Mandarin.

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Language. Music. Memories.

Benefits of Learning Mandarin through Nursery Rhymes.

Fish Tales & Rhymes revives the dying art form of nursery rhymes in Chinese. It passes on a part of culture and history that have connected generations to this day.


Did you know?

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55 Words are recognized when a baby is just 16 months old.


10x More Words are picked up by the time a baby is 30 months old.

Warren W.

My kids are easily learning Chinese words and phrases by singing these songs together. This is definitely an effective way for young kids to learn a new language!
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