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Print and cut out each of these beautifully illustrated cards and pop them in a jar to create your very own Advent Jar of Christmas! Close your eyes and take out a card to find out what surprise festive activity that you and your little one can do in the countdown to Christmas.


Learn about some of the typical activities that people across Chinese speaking countries are doing to celebrate this special holiday. From having a delicious Hot Pot / 火锅 /huǒ guō with friends, to having a steamy bowl of sticky rice balls / 汤圆/ tāng yuán for the Winter Solstice Festival / 冬至节 / dōng zhì jié: Enjoy this bonding moments together with your little one learning about their heritage culture.


  • You need:

    A pair of scissors, a jar, sticky tape, card or paper

    How to:

    -Print out the activity. Cut each square out.

    -Find a jar. Decorate it with festive decorations. Stick the label on it.

    - Place all the cards into the jar.

    -Each morning, take out a card to find out what cultural activity you and your little one can do to celebrate the holidays.

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